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Diorama,  Tale of a metropolis

For the installation at the festival Over Het IJ 2021, we worked site specific. Walking around the location, next to the IJ zee, at the NDSM, we found out amazing objects all over the place.
Objects that took out of context became our lovely characters, our protagonist, the ones inhabiting our world.

That’s why we decided to do a catalogue with all the starring characters in our tale.

Here you can see 4 of them, Uncle Igor, the Witch from the North, Rocket and Uncle Otto.  


Android Bernie

The dancers

Lost Highway


Aunt Lily

Aunt Rosa

The dramatic one

The weird neighbour who went to Russia and always has stories to tell

Phoebe and Mike

The lost brother. Went out for a summer trip, never came back


The weird neighbour who always whistles at 1:00 a.m

Big Pipe

Grandma Ear

The one who stares at you

Young Pipe

Tripple A

Uncle Arnold

Uncle Otto


Bob the spiral

Uncle Igor

Ness the curious

And the special collaboration of The Witch in the North