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The dancing Monster

and all his friends

What happens when an installation it’s over?
Where do the character go when the story is over?  

After finishing our project for Over Het IJ festival, we found ourselves with a massive flying red box, which won’t fit in our living rooms or on our studio. We have been puting up and down over and over, changing locations t make it fit and stay save and clean.
During one of these breaking down and up, the box found a very nice location. An empty room at Vechtclub Keiland, in Utrecht.  

There the dance started. One move forward, one move backwards,


The red box danced, calling all his friends,
the yellow stool danced,
first a bit shy, surprised byt the joy feeling inside,
the green screen danced, falling once but then, feeling like Madonna on wheels, finding her best pose,
the blue stool rolled, not danced, he feels that’s his signature...


©Images of the installation by ellipsis.