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The Longest Day

In the first summer day of the year, Ronald the train starts his journey through the landscapes of the lost world.

First crossing the big lake, where the blue fishes swim and play with the mermaids - who are always singing -, then he goes into the village forest, normally everybody is sleeping so early in the morning, afterwards, when the streets are already in their place he crosses the Big Paper City and the Blue Pipe City, where the sound of construction makes him think of the old days, when we was still in the factory.
And after crossing the Beach Village he arrives finally to The Beach.

Will he see The Sea Monster this year? as the sand and the sea shine with the sun?

Or will he go back home listening to the sleeping landscape, just before the moon shines on the sky.

This performance was created in the context of the midzommer festival. 

Photos by Maarten Boswijk